Shocking Video Of A Woman Being Harassed And Abused As She’s Walking Through Cairo University

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If a woman can be abused and harassed while she’s walking through Cairo University, I’m scared to think what could happen to her in other parts of Egypt.

The unnamed blond woman was wearing a long-sleeved pink top and fitted black jeans, and she was recently filmed being abused by a big group of male students as she walked through the campus. Some of the men were reportedly law students, and they were yelling and repeatedly whistling at her “as she hurried to get away from them.”

Gaber Nasser, The Dean of the Cairo University Law School, has also come under fire after appearing to suggest that the woman’s outfit, which he said was “a bit unconventional,” led to the harassment. He also quickly added that he wasn’t justifying the incident.

“This girl entered the university wearing an abaya [a loose cloak] and then took it off in the faculty, and appeared with those clothes, that caused, in reality … the incident, he told Egyptian channel ONTV.

“The student’s mistake does not justify what the (other) students did,” he added.

Nassar later posted on Twitter that “he was misunderstood and that he was not blaming the student for the incident.”

“I assure that this is not true and I apologize for the misunderstanding and I repeat that those who (harassed the girl) will be severely punished,” he wrote.

Mariam Kirollos, a women’s rights activist, said that Nassar “should be interrogated and expelled,” and “investigations into the incident should start immediately” on her Twitter account.

According to a study that was carried out last year by UN Women, more than 99 percent of women in Egypt have been subjected to some form of harassment. Women reported that they are harassed regardless if they are dressed in Western-style clothing or conservative Islamic veils.

This woman did nothing wrong. She was wearing a pink top and jeans, and she was just minding her own business as she was walking through the campus.  She did not deserve to be harassed in any shape or form, and you can’t justify what these guys did.

Here’s the video of her. It was hard for me to watch.

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