Students Post Ad For Hit Man to Avoid Taking Finals

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Final exams week is the one thing all college students dread the most. A time when stress is an automated response and sleep is but a distant memory.

Think back to those nights when all you wanted to do was sleep. Did you think about any and all possibilities under the sun that could have stopped the final from taking place? How far would you have gone to have gotten out of that dreaded final? Were you willing to risk getting hit by a car?

That sounded a bit extreme didn’t it? Well like the saying goes, “Extreme times call for extreme measures.” Two University of Georgia students took “spit balling” ideas to a whole new level. They were so underprepared and desperate to get out of their final they took to the internet to help them out. The two female college students posted an ad on Craigslist to hire a hit man.

No, no, no, you do not need to re-read that last sentence; you read it right the first time.  They went searching for someone who would run them over with a car, all in the last minute effort to get out of their final exams. They made one thing clear in the ad; they did not want to die. They simply wanted to be, “injured enough to get out of taking their finals here at UGA.”

Are you ready for the “kicker” to this whole escapade? The compensation for this deed was “hitting two lovely ladies by vehicle w/ permission.” The ad has since been flagged for removal.

So I will leave this up to you, the reader, do you think these girls went a smidge over the deep end?

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