Superbug That May Wipe out 10 Million People By 2050


Photo Credit: Morgue File

Scientists are more than worried that a new strand of bacteria may be ahead of our medicine as far as antibiotics and vaccines are concerned. A reported 700,000 die a year from bacteria infections and with that number expected to jump to 10 million that’s a big ass bug. Normally they would just be referring to the third world countries with very poor to almost no sanitation regiments, but this time countries like the United Kingdom and The United States are not able to exclude themselves from this bacteria scare that if this “Superbug”goes viral it could mean the start to the end to our human existence. Scientists are in over haul in trying to combat this killer bug, but in any scientific experiment it takes time to gather data with variables and constants. Like HIV that also resist antibiotics, an 18 month review of antimicrobial resistance, these “Superbugs” prove that they are not affected by antibiotic or the one they are now testing. With killing one person every 3 seconds by the year 2050 who what will be left? Scientists are under major pressure to make a breakthrough development in antibacterial medicine and fast! 34 years is very close for an apocalypse.

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