Teen Goes On Major Spending Spree After Bank’s $31,000 Mistake

Photo Credit: cohdra from morguefile.com

Photo Credit: cohdra from morguefile.com

If you saw that your bank account suddenly had thousands of dollars in it out of nowhere, would you:

A) Return the money to the bank

B) Spend it like crazy because a money fairy must’ve deposited it in your account, so it must rightfully be yours, right?

Let’s see what the Georgia teen did who was in this situation. It looks like the 18-year-old chose to go on an epic shopping spree after a bank accidentally deposited $31,000 in his account on March 7.

How could this mistake have happened? Well, it turns out a customer of the Citizens Bank in Hull, Georgia, made the large deposit, but the money accidentally went into the teen’s account because he had the same name as him.

The customer did not realize the error till March 17, and when he had called about the missing money, the teen had already spent $5,000 using his ATM card, and had also withdrawn $20,000 in cash, according to authorities.

Madison County police say that when the teen went back to the bank to withdraw more money, he was notified by the teller that it was a mistake and he needed to return the money. The teen had no plans of giving it back, so he said that the money was an inheritance.

There was no way authorities were going to let him get off so easily, so they went to his house, and the teen still still stuck to his inheritance story there. The teen said he thought the money came from his grandmother’s estate. If authorities have to pay you a visit to your house it means you’re in the wrong.

Authorities say they told him that the bank wants the money back ASAP. He said he would go back to the bank to “work out the situation.” but he has yet to show up.

The bank said that they will move forward with charges if the money isn’t returned. Charges haven’t been filed yet.

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