The Haunted Isla De Muerta Is Up For Sale

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This Isla de Muerta is up for sale.  You game?

Ancient seafaring checkpoint.  Plague quarantine zone. Hospital for the mentally ill.  Oh, and ghosts.  Lots of ghosts. All of these things describe a small island near Venice, Italy.  And guess what! It all can be yours, as the Italian government is putting the island of Poveglia up for sale to the general public next month.  No details on the starting price, but if you’re nuts enough to want what has been called the “most haunted place on Earth”, you’d better be rich enough too.  The island has a permanent, octagonal fortification as well as a large building complex formerly an insane asylum.

It has been host to TV shows such as Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth. Tales tell of so many plague victims cremated there that the soil is half human ash.  Purportedly the asylum psychiatrist flung himself from the bell tower after spirits roaming the island drove him mad.  One TV presenter even claimed he was possessed while visiting! Of course, let’s not forget, this is a private island in one of the most beautiful and temperate locations in continental Europe. So what’s an exorcism or two in the path towards owning your own Italian vista?

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