The New Uber or Lyft? New Car Service ‘Chariot’ Fails to Debut This Week

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

Tuesday, April 19 was supposed to be the debut in Boston of the new car service Chariot for Women. Chariot is supposed to be an Uber-Lyft type service that is exclusively for women with all female drivers.

Chariot received a lot of hype and media coverage. The mission statement behind the enrterprise is as so, Michael Pelletz, a former driver for Uber, always tried to convince his wife Kelly to also become an Uber driver. She didn’t mind, but was scared about her safety as a woman driver. Pelletz understood why Kelly felt this way when he had an experience of his own where one night when Michael was driving. The man he was taking home was hardly conscious and completely incoherent. His eyes were rolling back in his head, and he was continuously passing out, violently squirming around the car before falling back asleep.  He stopped by a nearby police officer who happened to be around, and the officer was able to help him.

But, since the incident Pelletz kept imaging, what if he were in a woman’s position, which urged him and his wife to start Chariot for Women.

The new features of Pelletz include, seeing the drivers picture, license plate, exact location and the exact model and features within the car. Women also need a secret password to access the confirmation and for their ride to begin. Passengers will also have a list of charities to choose from to donate.


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