“The Safety Truck”: Samsung is Working to Create ‘Transparent’ Truck to Make Drivers Aware of Traffic

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Samsung is working on a “Safety Truck” prototype that allows people to see through large trucks on the road.

The giant trucks are designed with a wireless camera on the front of the vehicle, which projects its image to huge screens on the rear so that there is a clear, live stream view of the road ahead. This allows cars behind the huge trucks to be aware of oncoming traffic.

We all know passing trucks is as difficult as it gets, especially when there’s heavy traffic. Samsung thinks that this new innovative technology will help reduce the rate of accidents on the road, as well as prevent the number of accident fatalities.

Prior to Samsung’s attempt at “transparent” vehicles, Japan took a crack at the idea with their Toyota Prius model, using mirrors and cameras. Jaguar is also working on technology that gives drivers a 360-degree view of what’s outside their car using a camera, to eliminate blind spots.

Unfortunately, we won’t see these life-saving trucks on the road anytime soon, since they are still in early prototype stages.

According to Samsung’s post on the project, the “Safety Truck” was tested in Argentina, who ranks number 5 in the highest number of car accidents in the world. The truck, however, is no longer on the road.

At least now there will be an upside to being stuck behind those huge trucks!

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