The White House Gets Spikes: Is It An Executive Mansion Or A Medieval Castle?

Credit: tessroo/

Credit: tessroo/

On Wednesday, the White House is getting a bit of a makeover.

Actually, the fence around the landmark is being changed. After all, first impressions are important, right?

The Secret Service is reportedly adding large metal spikes to the outside fence of the White House to keep intruders out.

This seems like a great idea considering the fact that a man was just arrested in April for trying to scale the fence. Plus, over the last five years, over 15 people have hopped over the fence to try and get to the President! This includes the Iraq-war veteran who not only jumped the fence, but who also succeeded in entering the residence with a knife before he was stopped.

The Secret Service recognizes that these spikes at the top of the fence are not the most sophisticated defenses, but they are only temporary until a completely new fence is built.

They have a new fence design that is being perfected by the Secret Service and the National Park Service, plus a new defense system including more security booths at vehicle checkpoints and the replacement of concrete barriers with steel ones.

However, all of the changes are still pending approval before construction begins in 2016.

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