Viewers Complain To FCC About Tom Brady’s Cursing During Games

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Tom Brady is known for two things: being a franchise quarterback for the New England Patriots and apparently also cursing during games. This has been a common way of expressing his frustration at times when things aren’t going the Patriots way. Even though the audio is never heard, it seems many fans who are watching on TV can still figure out his curse words pretty easily.

According to The Smoking Gun, an Indianapolis parent wrote, “My 6 year old children know how to read lips even if there is no sound. So why during the telecast is CBS going out of their way … to show Tom Brady screaming the F word on national TV?”

The Smoking Gun also reports that a Pennsylvania grandparent complained that, “My 8 year old grandson was watching the game with me and even commented that he should not have said that.”

I don’t think Tom Brady should be blamed at all for this simply because every person has a different personality and nobody can control how a person feels or what he says. That being said, I do think it is inappropriate for kids to see this, so I think the blame should be directed toward the networks for continuing to keep the camera on Brady when it is blatantly obvious that he is cursing. What do you think?

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