Woman Lies For 34 Weeks About Being Pregnant With Quintuplets

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

In my humble opinion, you have to be some kind of crazy to fake being pregnant with quintuplets. Why would you not only trick your boyfriend but also your friends, family, etc..?

Paul Servat, 35, had believed for months that he was going to be the dad of quintuplets, and it wasn’t until after his wife, Barbara Bienvenue, 37, had been admitted to give birth that he found out it was all a big lie. According to the Toronto Sun, a nurse had produced a file of Bienvenue’s blood work, and showed Servat that not only wasn’t it Bienvenue’s delivery day, but she wasn’t even carrying children to being with!

Bienvenue is now undergoing a psychological evaluation, and it is believed that she is suffering from pseudocyesis, in which a woman can exhibit all of the symptoms of a pregnancy even though she’s not carrying a baby.

Believe it or not, but a friend of Servat’s has alleged that this is not the first time that Bienvenue faked a pregnancy. Apparently, she pulled the same stunt with someone else in 2010.

“She let me choose the names,” Servat told QMI Agency from the baby room that was filled with five adorned cribs in his home. “I lost everything; it was my whole life.”

He said that her baby story lasted 34 weeks, and when she told him that she was expecting last September they had only been dating two months. As the weeks went by, she told him that she was expecting twins, then triplets, then quadruplets, and then (you guessed it) quintuplets.

A Facebook page had been created to document the pregnancy, and eventually it displayed the gifts that the couple had received from local businesses and neighbors.

“I used my personal and professional contacts to get her sponsorships. Others gave her all sorts of clothes or furniture,” a friend of Bienvenue told The Toronto Sun.

Some friend Bienvenue was, huh? She fooled all of the people who cared for her right until the end.

The first person who became suspicious of the whole quintuplets situation was Genevieve Laflamme when she started seeing holes in Barbara’s story about her pregnancy. Laflamme had recently given birth to triplets, and was giving Bienvenue tips on how to handle the situation.

A week before Bienvenue’s alleged due date was when Bienvenus told Laflamme that a new ultrasound had showed that she was having quintuplets.

The fact that Bienvenue was up and moving so close to the time of her alleged due date should’ve also been a red flag. Women carrying multiple babies “regularly go into labor or doct0r-mandated bed rest months before that.”

Servat plans on either giving back all of the presents they had received or donating them.

If Bienvenue can lie about this I’d have a hard time believing some of the other things she says.

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