Woman Who Was Viciously Attacked In Nightclub Bares Battered Face In #NoMakeupSelfie To Aid Rape Victims


A woman who was brutally attacked in a nightclub in England is baring her battered face for the whole world to see in order to raise money and awareness for other victims of violence.

Jeanne Marie Ryan, 29, stated that “she was beaten up at a nightclub on Saturday after she confronted a man who groped her,” according to BBC News. According to her Facebook page, she had approached her attacker and told him that what he had done was “completely inappropriate.”

Would you believe that the man punched her SEVEN times after she did that? According to BBC, she had suffered a lacerated chin and broken nose.

Ryan had no plans of keeping this matter private. She decided to use what happened to her as a “launching point for her advocacy efforts,” and posted an image of her battered face on her Facebook page with this text: “I am sorry cancer research, but my #nomakeupselfie is for a different cause.”

Ryan asked that supporters donate to the Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Center in her honor. She had set a modest goal of raising about $165 according to her fundraising page, but she has far surpassed that amount thanks to her supporters. As of right now, she has raised over $25,250.

This is what was written on her fundraising page:

“for telling a guy in a club who groped me that it is completely inappropriate to touch a woman without her consent, i was beaten. he told me to “Smile!”, too.

no, we do not have to wear makeup
no, we do not have to smile
and, most importantly,
no, we do NOT have to be touched.”

She had been inspired by how successful the recent #NoMakeupSelfie campaign was in raising funds for charity. Celebrities and advocates alike had been posting their unadorned faces on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #NoMakeupSelfie in order to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

Click here to see the photo of her.

I applaud Ryan for what she has done, and I’m glad that she has the courage to do something like this. What do you think of what she did?

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