Adam Schefter Tweets Jason Pierre-Paul’s Medical Chart

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We heard that Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a hand injury due to a mishap with fireworks on July 4. What we’re just now learning is that his right index finger was amputated. How did we get this information? Oh, it’s a simple answer, really. Adam Schefter posted a picture to Twitter of none other than Paul’s medical chart. He wrote on Twitter that “ESPN obtained” the chart. However, most people know that a personal, medical chart is not something that anyone or any network can just “obtain.” Only Paul had access to that document, not all of ESPN.

Having this information out in the public must be difficult for Paul. Of course, this isn’t uncommon for athletes. Their medical information is released without authorization essentially on the regular. The media finds out about their urine samples, injuries, and more problems before they should. But it is weird to think that the NFLPA would permit this blatant release of Paul’s private records. Something shifty is going on.

Of course, it is technically possible that Paul gave Schefter permission to tweet a picture of his medical records. Still, it seems more likely that Schefter illicitly obtained access to Paul’s medical chart. The tweet was seen by Schefter’s four million Twitter followers and even more users. Our thoughts are with Paul and his recovery.

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