Boxer, Reece Jones, Goes To Jail And Gets Suspended From Boxing

photo credit:verbaska/

photo credit:verbaska/

Do you remember the TV show “The Repo Man?” The show aired on Channel 4 and focused around a team of 5 guys who repossessed cars and other property from debtors. One of the co-stars was UK boxer, Reece Jones, also known as “Rampage” in the ring. Well, Jones will not be in the ring for a while. Today he was sentenced to 16 months in jail and suspended from boxing.

Last year, Jones was arrested on allegations of defacing the home of Kenneth and Jayne Mair. Jones admitted that his friend, who he has yet to reveal the identity of, bribed him with money to spray paint the words “Pedophile”, “Nonce”, and “Sex Pest” on the outside of the Mair’s house. He snuck onto their property at night and completed the task. No questions asked. The motive behind his friends’ decision to have this done is still unknown.

Kenneth Mair  lives with his wife, Jayne, and daughters, Alex, 24, and Natasha, 21. He stated he was disgusted with the act because it was untrue and the entire neighborhood viewed the horrific scenery. During the court hearing, Judge Recorder Rachel Brand expressed his disappointment in Jones behavior. He said Jones was a fool for agreeing to commit to a crime and risk his career on behalf of another person. Brand stated “You are here on your own to pay the penalty. What a fool. What you did to this man’s home was appalling, creeping up in the dead of night, daubing insults which, come daylight, would have been seen by anyone passing by. You had no grievance with this man, in effect being paid to do it”.

The authorities discovered that Jones was on the property, due to his negligence of leaving his gloves at the scene. The DNA evidence proved he was the culprit. Jones’ defense attorney, Rashad Mohammed, stated that the court should consider the positive things Jones has done for the community such as, volunteering to teach young children who are aspiring boxers. Brand was not persuaded by Mohammed’s argument and dismissed the defense.

Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months in jail and a 2 year suspension from boxing. Mr. Mair felt the sentencing was too light and expressed his disappointment. “I am not a well man and my neighbors helped me clean off the graffiti. The graffiti, which was in huge letters said nonce and sex pest. All these claims are false, of course. Jones got nothing. He has got away with attacking my home. I am disgusted the sentence was so soft. What kind of message does that send out to these bullies?”

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