Heather Watson: Death Threats and Wimbledon

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Before you assume that’s the name of a really horrible Lifetime movie, stop and consider this for a minute. Both of those things are currently happening to an athlete named Heather Watson. The tennis player bravely says that she won’t let the “cowards” who send death threats her way get the best of her. If she wants to shine bright like a diamond at Wimbledon, of course she will. After all, the British player just tied for her personal best. Applause, applause!

She was victorious over Daniela Hantuchova on Wednesday. Even more impressive, she’s the only Brit still standing in the women’s singles category. Now, she has to face (probably) one of the most daunting tasks of her career. Her next opponent in Serena Williams, number one in only the world. We wish the best of luck to 23-year-old Watson because that’s got to be tough.

The media, however, isn’t focusing on how well Watson is playing. Instead, they want to focus on the recently revealed information concerning her Twitter account. Apparently, the athlete has been receiving numerous death threats. It’s strange that someone would target Watson. She seems kind and affable. Nonetheless, Watson doesn’t seem to be too worried about it. She figures the people who send her such hateful words just don’t have anything else going on in their lives. She’s probably correct there.

But Watson won’t let the abuse drive her away from social media. She likes it, and she wants to remain active on it. Perhaps, she wonders, she annoys her followers with the amount of pictures she posts. But posting pictures makes Watson happy, so she’ll continue to do it. What a great attitude!

Apparently, her athletic track has had a few hiccups in recent years. She suffered glandular fever in 2013, and last year, she injured her ribs. Ouch and ouch, are we right?

But just because she’s had a few hiccups and setbacks doesn’t mean she’s not excited to play Williams at Wimbledon. She really is.

“She’s an amazing athlete, a great champion,” Watson gushes of the renowned player.

We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

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