NBA Owners Don’t Let Draft Lottery Reform Pass

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Over the past year, a popular topic among the NBA was to figure out a way to avoid teams from “tanking” and purposely having a poor season in order to secure a top pick in the NBA Draft. The main objective of this strategy was that instead of trying to win the championship every year, many NBA owners were willing to have some poor seasons which would be solved when they drafted a franchise-changing player through the draft.

A reform to change the current Draft Lottery was passed so that teams that did purposely lose would not automatically be granted the top pick and would give other teams a better chance as well. This would discourage teams from “tanking” because even if they were the worst team in the NBA, they would have the same percent chance of getting a top pick as the other teams who did poorly.

The proposed change would have given the NBA’s four worst teams each an 11 percent chance of winning the top pick and the fifth team a 10 percent chance. The rest of the league would have declining odds depending on their record. Currently, the worst team has a 25 percent chance to get the No. 1 pick, which is why certain teams were suspected of “tanking” in an effort to secure the worst record.

On Wednesday, even though the final vote was 17-13 in favor of the reform, there needs to be at least 23 votes to make the change so it was rejected.

If you were an owner, would you have voted for or against the reform?

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