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Nebraska Woman Files Lawsuit Against All Homosexuals

In a ridiculous turn of events a 66 year old Nebraska woman named Sylvia Ann Driskell decided to file a lawsuit against all homosexuals. In the handwritten petition, the woman cited herself as an “ambassador for god and his son, … Continue reading »

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Founder Of Westboro Baptist Church Dies At 84

Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, has died at the age of 84, according to two of his children. The Westboro Baptist Church was established in 1955 by Phelps. Over the years, the Topeka-based group became infamous … Continue reading »

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Consensus Thus Far On Sochi: YUCK!

As you all already know, it’s Russia’s turn to host the Winter Olympic Games. However, thus far, Russia is definitely dropping the ball. First everyone was concerned about terroristic threats, homophobic attacks and diplomatic tensions. But now, as we are … Continue reading »

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