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Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak Try To Stop A.I. Arms Race

Say ‘no’ to killer robots! That’s the basis for an open letter that over 1,000 robotics experts signed and presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The conference started on July 25, and will … Continue reading »

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Stephen Hawking: AI Could Be A ‘Real Danger’

Artificial intelligence is becoming a worldwide concept that has many people frantic about the future. After a computer passed the Turing test last week, a test that proved the computer to be like a human, we’re left wondering what computers … Continue reading »

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Turing Test Breakthrough As Super – Computer Becomes First To Convince Us It’s Human

For the first time in this world humans have built a ‘super computer’ that can literally think on it’s own. It’s hard to wrap our minds around a complexity like this. In today’s world we rely on computers to search … Continue reading »

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One In Five People Would Have Sex With A Robot

Robots are similar to humans in many ways but the majority of people would say they couldn’t replace humans in our daily lives and needs. Robots are useful tools in factories or in competitions. They are only so useful until … Continue reading »

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