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Donald Trump Plans To Halve Legal Immigration

President Donald Trump endorsed a plan Wednesday to halve legal immigration by 2027 and to cut down the amount of green cards handed out to low-skilled workers.  Two U.S Senators, Tom Cotton and David Perdue, want candidates with the highest quality … Continue reading »

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Google Can Now Read Your Bills and Remind YOU to Pay Them

Why doesn’t this surprise me… Google can now read your bills AND remind you to pay them, simply by scanning your emails. The new service, Google Now personal assistant functionality, will notify users of payments by scanning for bills in … Continue reading »

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Iraq To Pass A Law That Legalized Marriage For 9-Year-Old Girls

After Iraq gained independence, a tradition of child marriage – called “fasliyah” – persisted in its rural areas. Upon their fathers’ orders, Iraqi girls were betrothed to men to resolve tribal disputes or incur favor. But in the mid-1970s, fasliyah was prohibited … Continue reading »

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Cancer Aggressively Spreading in Former QB Jim Kelly

Very sad news to report about former Bills Quarterback, Jim Kelly.  His wife has shared the news that his cancer is aggressively spreading. 54-year-old Kelly was diagnosed with upper jaw cancer last year and had cancerous cells removed.  He was … Continue reading »

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