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Tori Spelling Sues Benihana For Getting Third Degree Burns

Tori Spelling, 42, wants to ruin Benihana, Hibachi Grill, financially speaking– in court after getting extremely burned where she was hospitalized. The 42-year-old actress filed a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Japanese restaurant chain, on Wednesday. … Continue reading »

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Keurig Recalls ‘Mini Plus’ Coffee Makers

Most of us love a  hot cup of Joe in the morning to help get us prepared for the day. Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or taking care of the children at home. Coffee gives us the extra … Continue reading »

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Man Strapped Fireworks To A Dog In A Cruel 4th of July Prank and Then Left The Dog To DIE

Carlos Efrain Duarte, 41, had been accused of severely injuring a pit bull with fireworks last July, and the dog had third-degree burns over much of his body as a result of that. He left the badly-burned dog to die … Continue reading »

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