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Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Waters

Look out everyone there is a brain eating amoeba on the loose and its name is Naegleria fowleri! Found in the waters of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, more specifically in a fire hydrant, the amoeba is still being tested by the … Continue reading »

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Jim Carrey Calls California Governor A ‘Corporate Fascist’

Jim Carrey went on a Twitter-rant on Tuesday after the state of California became one of the only states with a mandatory vaccination law. As California joined Mississippi and West Virginia by requiring a very strict immunization program for all … Continue reading »

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CDC Announces 21-day Monitoring Period for Any Returning Passenger to the U.S. From Ebola-Stricken African Nations

The CDC announced some new strict methods that will be in place to contain this deadly virus. Today, the CDC says it will now begin a 21-day monitoring period for anyone returning to the U.S. from any Ebola-stricken African nation. … Continue reading »

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Ebola: Vomiting Passenger Dies On Flight From Nigeria To JFK

A 63-year-old American man has died during a flight from Nigeria to New York’s JFK after vomiting profusely. Passengers onboard panicked (as expected) in fear that the man had Ebola! Yes, the medical professionals have said that it’s not airborne, but … Continue reading »

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Americans Are Living Longer, As Suicides Hit 25-Year High

Americans are living longer than ever before according to a recent government report which declares that U.S life expectancy continues to inch up while death rates also decreased. Oddly enough, the rates dropped or remained the same for all leading … Continue reading »

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