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Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Will Not Face Charges

American dentist  Walter James Palmer will not be facing charges and extradition from the Zimbabwean government for killing Cecil the lion, as announced by Zimbabwean officials. In July, Palmer was hunting in Hwange National park located in Zimbabwe, where he … Continue reading »

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Betty White Distraught Over Killing of Cecil the Lion

Actress Betty White has a few choice words for the Minnesota dentist who killed Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the Lion on a July hunting trip. “You don’t want to hear some of the things I want to do to that man,” … Continue reading »

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Cecil the Lion’s Killer, Walter James Palmer, Apologizes

American dentist, Walter James Palmer, has been under fire recently after he hunted and killed Zimbabwe’s beloved local star, Cecil the Lion. Cecil, who is well known at Hwange National Park, became a local legend after he was reportedly kicked … Continue reading »

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