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“Sex Cult” Allegations Against R. Kelly Have Precedence

R. Kelly has long faced allegations of predatory sexual behavior, particularly focusing on his alleged predilection for teenaged girls. The latest accusations sound outlandish, particularly because they include the word “cult;” but, measured against his public history, they may not … Continue reading »

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Woman Who Helped FBI Catch Jared Fogle Speaks Out

This story just gets more and more disturbing. Rochelle Herman, the woman who allegedly assisted the FBI in gathering evidence to use against former Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, is speaking out on her role in the case. Fogle allegedly made … Continue reading »

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Former-Subway Representative Jared Fogle Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Child Pornography

Jared Fogle, originally known as the Subway spokesperson that lost 245 pounds by eating Subway back in 2000, is now on trial for child pornography. Well, he’s on trial for child pornography and several other disturbing things, but we’ll get … Continue reading »

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Police Found Child Porn On Josh Powell’s Computer 17 Months Before He Killed His Children And Himself

Investigators have found child pornography on Josh Powell’s computer at least 17 months before he killed his children and himself, according to FBI documents. The Salt Lake Tribune said on Saturday that the documents show the FBI was investigating the disappearance … Continue reading »

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