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From NBA To Starbucks

Vin Baker is a four-time NBA All-Star and a 2000 Olympic gold medal winner, now he may be making your favorite kind of coffee. Ever since he left the Los Angeles Clippers in 2006, the 43 year old has battled … Continue reading »

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And Now, Deep-Fried Coffee

This is America, home of the deep-fried Twinkies and even the deep-fried Coca-Cola (still not sure how that one happens). Now, a state fair in San Diego, California is going to boldly fry where no fryer has fried before: deep-fried … Continue reading »

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Korean Study Claims Coffee Is Good For The Arteries

Have coffee addicts won a small victory with this one? The results of a caffeine study by Korean scientists show some benefits to consuming a certain amount of coffee on a daily basis. According to Quartz, the U.S. dietary guidelines … Continue reading »

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Keurig Recalls ‘Mini Plus’ Coffee Makers

Most of us love a  hot cup of Joe in the morning to help get us prepared for the day. Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or taking care of the children at home. Coffee gives us the extra … Continue reading »

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Unlimited Coffee For $45 A Month?

Coffee is a very addictive drink because of its amazing flavor and caffeine level. With 200 Starbucks in Manhattan alone four men came up with a way to give them competition, it’s called Cups. Cups promises to do for caffeine … Continue reading »

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A Disabled American War Veteran Wasn’t Allowed In Starbucks Because Of His Service Dog

Yancy Baer, a disabled American war veteran, was paying a visit to Houston on behalf of an organization that trains service dogs which are provided to disabled people. Little did he think he would be harassed by an employee at … Continue reading »

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