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THZ EXCLUSIVE: Nolcha Fashion Lounge Review

The Hot Zone has a passion for fashion so we were very excited to attend the Nolcha Fashion Lounge in New York City. It was dubbed the “hottest incubator for emerging design talent” by Forbes. Nolcha Fashion Lounge held their semi-annual Media … Continue reading »

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How To Wear White After Labor Day

The “no wearing white after labor day” rule has been passed down from generation to generation. Over time, this rule has become more null and void. Especially since fashion trends are constantly changing. Now, more stores are selling apparel in white, … Continue reading »

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Cool Handbags That Look Like They Came From A Cartoon But Are Actually Real

If you’ve ever wanted handbags that looked like they dropped out of a cartoon, you’re in luck! When I first saw photos of them on the website I thought, “Are these for real?” The more I stared at them I saw they were … Continue reading »

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