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JetBlue Flight Attendant Refused Bathroom Access, 3-Year-Old Forced To Urinate In Seat

For most people traveling by plane is the most nerve-wracking thing they can do in life. For one mother, the experience was hell on Earth. Jennifer Devereaux says she had a nightmarish experience last week while traveling with her two … Continue reading »

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What Do Your Nightmares Reveal About Your Health?

Ever have a nightmare that seemed so real, you’d jump out of your sleep, and find yourself in a cold sweat? Do you wonder if there is any meaning behind those horrible dreams? Scientific research discovered that nightmares could be … Continue reading »

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Artist Watch: Nightmare and the Cat

Nightmare and the Cat is a Los Angeles-based indie rock quintet lead by brothers Django Stewart, the vocalist with the awesome first name, and Sam Stewart, the guitarist and elder sibling. The brothers recruited Claire Acey, singer and multi-instrumentalist; Spike … Continue reading »

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