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UVA Student Assaulted by Officers Files $3 Million Lawsuit

University of Virginia student Martese Johnson, who was arrested in a bloody encounter by liquor control agents in March, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Johnson seeks $3 million for his suffering of … Continue reading »

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Chuck E. Cheese Employees Refuse Service To Officer Because Of Firearms

Here are the basic facts of the story. A female officer was refused service at a Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese and everyone is flipping out about it. Why is everyone flipping out… well, because that’s what humanity tends to do … Continue reading »

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Rudy Giuliani Blames President Obama For McDonald’s Brawl And Shooting Of Ferguson Police Officers

Rudy Giuliani is criticizing President Obama, yet again. During an interview with talk radio host John Gambling of AM 970 The Answer on Thursday, Giuliani stated that Obama was ignoring “enormous amount of crime” committed by African Americans. This was in reference … Continue reading »

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Transit Officers Help Mother Deliver Baby On Train On Christmas

On Christmas, Philadelphia transit police officers Sgt. Daniel Caban and Officer Darrell James, helped a mom deliver a baby on the train. Around 6 p.m. at Markets Street Station, the officers guided the woman through her delivery and even unwrapped the … Continue reading »

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CIA Found Officers Illegally Penetrating Computer Networks Used By Senate Intelligence Committee

There is an internal investigation by the Central Intelligence Agency that has found that its officers have been improperly penetrating computer networks used by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The report found that C.I.A. officers created fake online profiles to gain … Continue reading »

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Ray J Arrested For Trespassing, Vandalism And Battery

Ray J has been arrested and hit with a number of charges on Friday night after a incident occurred at a hotel in Beverly Hills. A woman called the police on Ray J after he inappropriately touched her backside. When the police arrived at the hotel and spoke with … Continue reading »

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Alec Baldwin Gets Arrested In NYC

Famous Actor Alec Baldwin, 56, was arrested and given 2 summonses on Tuesday; one is for riding his bike in the wrong direction and the other is for disorderly conduct. Baldwin was highly upset after the officer asked him for identification to … Continue reading »

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