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Oklahoma Doctor Charged in Five Patient Deaths

Oklahoma’s attorney general has charged Doctor Regan Nichols with 5 counts of second degree murder. Nichols, 67, is accused of prescribing unnecessary medications in excessive amounts that resulted in 5 patient deaths between 2010-2013. The patients, ages 21-55 years, were … Continue reading »

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Teacher Killed In Car Accident

Patrick Wanninkhof was only trying to raise funds for affordable housing projects, unfortunately, his life was taken by a reckless driver. The 25-year-old teacher was biking all the way from Maine, with his final destination being Santa Barbara California. However, … Continue reading »

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Blue Bell Ice Cream to Start Trial Run in July

After almost four months, beloved Texas ice cream chain, Blue Bell Creameries, will begin trial runs of ice cream production the week of July 20, health officials confirm. The trial run will take place in its Alabama plant. The company … Continue reading »

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Devastating Storm Tears Through Texas & Oklahoma

The catastrophic storms have caused many problems these past few weeks for Texas and Oklahoma, but the worst problem that has come from this downpour is the flooding. The death toll from the Texas flooding is still increasing. At least … Continue reading »

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An Oklahoma Restaurant Won’t Serve “Freaks,” Disabled People, Etc…

The restaurant owner I’m about to tell you about completely DISGUSTS me! Matt Gard, a former customer of Gary’s Chicaros restaurant, said the owner of that restaurant, Gary James, banned him because of his wheelchair. James said that he banned … Continue reading »

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A 17-Year-Old Con Artist Stole $30,000 From THREE Walmarts

A 17-year-old con artist from Norman, Oklahoma, managed to pull a fast one on Walmart! He was not only able to steal $30,000 from three Walmarts in December but he even hugged one of the store managers when he left … Continue reading »

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