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Jeans That Charge Your Cellphones!

A pair of jeans that will charge your smartphone by easily slipping the device into a side pocket? You don’t say.. This is only 2015! It sounds like something from the future. Joe Jeans, a California-based fashion brand, has launched a … Continue reading »

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The Five Best Features Of The New Windows 10

Windows 10 was released on Wednesday! The long-awaited operating system was launched in over 190 countries and it looks like there is no plan for a Windows 11. Many technology experts are saying that this is a great thing, because … Continue reading »

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Donald Trump Exposes Senator

Billionaire Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham have been in a ongoing feud for the past few days, and the tension keeps on building. Trump is pretty bold when it comes to public statements, and he doesn’t back down when … Continue reading »

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Patti LuPone Teaches Audience a Lesson in Texting Manners

Patti LuPone is not one to shy away from teaching people manners, even when she’s in the middle of working! During her July 8 performance of Douglas Carter Beane’s Shows for Days at the Lincoln Center, LuPone reportedly took a … Continue reading »

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Apple Releases Two New Versions of the iPhone 6

There’s been buzz that Apple is about to release two, new versions of the iPhone 6, and The Hot Zone has some more information about those rumblings. They’re set to debut this fall, and apparently, they will be quite a … Continue reading »

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Windows 8.1 Brings Back Start Menu

Windows 8.1 has announced a new feature… sort of.  Windows Phone is bringing back the famous Start menu. It appears Windows has listened to their many users who complained about their most recent interference, which lacked the Start button. There … Continue reading »

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