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New Research Shows Cannabigerol May Reduce Symptoms Of Bladder Disorders

Where marijuana is concerned, there seems to be an endless effort to find the positive medicinal effects of using the drug we all know that just gets recreational users high. The latest research shows how cannabis can reduce the symptoms … Continue reading »

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Man Could Face Severe Charges For Selling Weed Brownies

A 19 – year – old Texas man could face years in prison for making brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil. Many pot legalization supporters welcomed Jacob Lavoro as he entered a Williamson County courthouse for the second time … Continue reading »

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Doctor Backs Medical Marijuana

“The end to seizures should not be determined by one’s ZIP code,” the Epilepsy Foundation said in its statement. “Our current situation as an epilepsy community is not acceptable.” Spurred by the promising results of families in Colorado who are … Continue reading »

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