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Vatican Squashes Pope Francis’ Brain Tumor Rumor

On Wednesday the Vatican denied that 78-year-old pope Francis has a brain tumor. Rumors started after Italian newspaper, Quotido Nazionale, published a story that Japanese neurosurgeon Takanori Fukushima had visited Francis a few months ago and had found a small … Continue reading »

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Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness for Recent Scandals

Pope Francis made a surprising apology during his weekly general audience in St Peter’s Square, asking for forgiveness for recent scandals. “Before I begin the Catechism,” Pope Francis addressed the thousands assembled.“I want to ask you for forgiveness for the … Continue reading »

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Pope Plans to Punish Bishops Who Covered up Child Sexual Abuse

On Wednesday, the Vatican reported that Pope Francis is standing behind a tribunal to judge those bishops who were accused of covering up or did not prevent the sexual abuse of children. No other pope has ever done something like … Continue reading »

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Papyrus Referring To Jesus’ Wife Is Not A Fake, Scientists Say

The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” was introduced to the world by Harvard professor Karen L. King at a conference in Rome 18 months ago. Many of King’s academic peers, as well as the Vatican newspaper, dismissed the discovery as a … Continue reading »

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