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Legalizing Marijuana Tax Revenues Proves A Success

The Aurora Sentinel has reported that the city of Colorado have assigned agencies to receive some funds that Colorado accumulated through taxes of weed profits. With a number drawing attention at $1.5 million, the tax revenue of selling recreational weed … Continue reading »

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New Research Shows Cannabigerol May Reduce Symptoms Of Bladder Disorders

Where marijuana is concerned, there seems to be an endless effort to find the positive medicinal effects of using the drug we all know that just gets recreational users high. The latest research shows how cannabis can reduce the symptoms … Continue reading »

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Man Could Face Severe Charges For Selling Weed Brownies

A 19 – year – old Texas man could face years in prison for making brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil. Many pot legalization supporters welcomed Jacob Lavoro as he entered a Williamson County courthouse for the second time … Continue reading »

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Pot Wads Discovered In Car Rental Agency’s Cars At DIA After Tourists Turn In Car

Now that marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado, there have been many incidents of reckless errors while ‘high’ and discrimination issues for having a Washington license plate and a Colorado license or vice versa. But it doesn’t just end … Continue reading »

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Speed Weed Delivery At Your Service!

Ever since Marijuana was made legal in 2012, not only has Colorado and Washington became big hotspots for Americans wanting weed but also it is in such high demand that there are shortages occurring. People have become smart with marijuana … Continue reading »

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THZ Exclusive: “Neighbors” Film Review

When I found out I was going to have a chance to attend an advance screening of the movie “Neighbors” I literally jumped for joy. The commercials looked really funny, and I had actually planned on seeing it when it … Continue reading »

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Ithaca, NY Mayor Supports Marijauna Legalization

Last Wednesday, 27-year-old Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, NY, 27, participated in a debate at Cornell University over the legality of marijuana. Svante argued in favor of legalization and, according to the Cornell Daily Sun, he won. The … Continue reading »

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Johnathan Rice “Good Graces”: Album Review

Rating: 4.5/5 This album technically came out last year, but it needs to be talked about. Scottish-American singer-songwriter Johnathan Rice starts off his 2013 album Good Graces with a candid reference to marijuana in the song title of his first song “Acapulco Gold”. … Continue reading »

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