Is ‘LOL’ For Old People?



If you find something funny, there are countless ways that you can virtually express that on Facebook. You can use some onomatopoeia (‘haha’), you can select a laughing emoji, or you can even go retro and type ‘LOL.’

Facebook decided to sample a few billion posts over the course of a week, in order to analyze how most people express laughter.

We are completely serious. There are linguistics researchers out there who are salivating at the thought of these statistics, and quite frankly, we were curious too!

So, the basic breakdown goes like this: 15% of Facebook users will express laughter in their posts; Of those 15%, 51.4% prefer ‘haha’ based expressions, 33.7% prefer the visual of an emoji, and a measly 1.9% use ‘lol.’

You may be wondering how that happened… we were shocked by the results as well! How did the use of ‘lol’ drop to only 1.9% of users? It used to be the symbol of text-speak and the punch line of countless phone advertisements!

However, according to Facebook’s studies, the majority of users who write ‘lol’ are part of the older demographic!

Of course, in terms of Facebook, “older” just means above 25!

But, don’t worry ‘lol’ fans; old trends tend to come back, so you may just be ahead of the curve! For instance, we hear that record players are coming back into mainstream culture… so there, Apple Music!

In our opinion, though, ‘haha’ is the way to go.

You can express so many different feelings by the length of your ‘haha.’

Think about it—One ‘ha’ could mean ‘I’m sarcastically laughing because you’re not funny,’ while ‘hahahaha’ can mean, ‘I actually think you’re hilarious.’

Think of the possibilities!

How do you prefer to show laughter? Do you think that ‘lol’ will make a comeback, someday?

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