Stalker Central: The ‘Who Deleted Me’ App For Facebook



If you’ve been through a bad break-up, you probably know the joy of deleting someone on Facebook.

It’s really the only way to go if blocking seems too extreme. It allows you and ‘the-deleted-one’ to exist peacefully on social media without crossing paths. You won’t see any pictures from their family barbeque, no status updates about that concert they went to with somebody who wasn’t you…‘unfriending’ someone on Facebook can sometimes provide us with a sense of freedom.

However, Facebook deletion goes both ways, and it doesn’t always feel to great to be on the receiving end.

So, if you want to know which friends you should ignore at that high school reunion because they deleted you on Facebook, the ‘Who Deleted Me’ app should definitely be on your radar.

This app, which is gaining popularity at an alarming rate, allows you to see who you’ve deleted, who has deleted you, and who has deactivated their account.

It’s now available for iOS and Android and it’s available as a Google Chrome extension (for free)!

So, would you be interested in this app or do you think it can cause too much drama?

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