Tiko: The Future of Affordable 3D Printing

Photo Credit:morguefile.com

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

With all the amazing stuff we can do these days, how can we not make a printer that never messes up?! We raise this question on a daily basis because we are simply tired of printers jamming the night before a paper is due, or even worse, having to convince our professors that even in 2015, printers still manage to make us look like lazy liars.

With 3D printers in the market right now, many of us might have dreamed about printing a copy of our favorite mug to take to work amongst other things. But the average bestselling 3D printer costs between $399 and $2,499 (Amazon.com). With these prices, I think that most of us might opt to buy a second mug to take to work for a fraction of the cost instead.

If you have seen a 3D printer in action, chances are you thought it was fascinating, but perhaps the ridiculous price tag on most of them had you look toward investing into a regular old printer. But look no further. Tiko is the latest solution to crazy printer problems and ridiculously high priced 3D printers.

According to The American Genius, Tiko is a 3D printer that has exceeded the company’s original Kickstarter goal of $100, 000, so the Tiko team will be producing more printers soon. It is also estimated to be on sale right around the holiday season (so you know what you’re getting your 19-year-old college student/daughter/son this year for just $179, seriously!).

The printer is labeled as a “delta printer,” which means that its body is shaped like a triangle instead of a rectangle. The delta shape reportedly allows it to use three vertically moving parallel motors to change the position of the filament extruder. For those of you who do not speak tech language, this means that Tiko will be able to make accurate copies without any complicated or expensive components that you would find in rectangular printers. In addition, the Tiko has a print resolution that will go down to 50 microns, as well as a print volume of 138 cubic inches. In other words, you can print anything that you can fit into the printer’s triangular body while knowing that the $179 you invested in it will not go to waste.

The only disadvantage that I see in this printer right now is that it does not come with a built-in USB port, so it is predominantly dependent on Wi-Fi.

Like any new piece of technology, Tiko might work for some people more than others, but if you are desperate to try a printer that will not leave you crying over a jam, then Tiko can deliver that even when you are on a budget. Unlike the target audience of other 3D printer engineers, the Tiko team is designing a product that is accessible to you, whether you are a CEO at a high-tech company, or a regular college student, Tiko can be within your reach. For this reason, I find this printer to be more valuable than others, because it is designed for the common user.

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