A Helmet That Teaches People How To Swim

Photo By Rosevita of Morguefile.com

Photo By Rosevita of Morguefile.com

Scientists at Chongqing Telecommunication College, in southwest China, may have invented a device that is revolutionary. Researchers invented a plastic helmet with a breathing tube and mask, that teaches you how to swim in three hours. The inventors said that trial tests were done on people that didn’t know how to swim, between the ages of six and thirty five, and they all knew how to swim three hours after they used the helmet.

Xiong Taihua, who is one of the researchers, said that the helmet stops swimmers from drowning. The device is made up of four parts: the helmet shell, a special valve, breathing tube and a mask. The valve will stop the wearer from getting water in it’s mask and will automatically reopen once the swimmer comes up from the water.The mask floats by itself. There hasn’t been a price determined for the device yet, but it is predicted to be cheaper than swimming lessons. Hopefully this innovative technology can hits stores very soon around the world.

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