Use Your Mind Not The Remote

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has collaborated with a technology company to develop something very interesting. BBC has made a headset kit that allows people to work with a TV programing technology called “iPlayer”, and the headset can make people control iPlayer with their mind. The headset works by reading brainwaves using a sensor that rests on the forehead, and another that attaches to the ear using a clip. The sensors can then track electricity moving through the brain while it watches for concentration, and it fills up a bar of brainwaves when they concentrate well enough to trigger a change on the TV screen.

This kit is only an experimental prototype and BBC states that this is “an idea of how this technology might be used in the future.” BBC claims they could eventually use this integration of technology to help people medically, including accessibility for disabled users, and controlling technology hands-free.

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