America Botched Raid Attempt to Rescue James Foley

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

It was revealed Wednesday that U.S forces had carried out a mission to save Foley and other American hostages earlier this summer, but failed.

The reason behind the failure was U.S special-ops had targeted the wrong location and the hostages were no longer there.

The New York Times reported that the mission was carried out by two-dozen special-ops members, who were dropped off in a unknown location in Syria and met with gunfire almost immediately after arrival.

One official said: ‘While on site, it became apparent the hostages were not there.’

During the gun fight, the ISIS forces resulted in ‘a good number of casualties’ while only one U.S spec-ops was wounded. They then were able to retreat and head back to their helicopters for their escape.

The administration kept the raid under wraps until now, to ‘preserve future opportunities’ in case they attempted another rescue mission.

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