American Moms Protest ‘The Muppets’ For Lewd Content

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

Millions of parents across the country have said that they will boycott ABC’s revival of ‘The Muppets Show’ due to inappropriate content.

One Million Moms is an organization that aims to warn other parents and families about the ‘change of shift’ the new Muppets are taking.

They claim: “The new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing.

“ABC hopes children watch the show and predict they would enjoy some of the humor, but 1MM would disagree. It is not the show it once was. ABC has ruined “The Muppets.” How many parents want to explain the punchline of sexually charged jokes to young children?”

I’m not a parent, but I can’t help but feel this is a little too excessive. If parents don’t want children to watch certain shows, then simply don’t let children watch certain shows. I don’t really see the problem.

It should also be considered that since The Muppets were popular in the 1980s, it now makes sense that their recent revival is more focussed on to a slightly older audience. The characters seem to be growing with their fans and the modern times today.

Below is the trailer for “The Muppets Show”, which premieres on ABC tonight Tuesday 22 September.

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