An Oklahoma Restaurant Won’t Serve “Freaks,” Disabled People, Etc…

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The restaurant owner I’m about to tell you about completely DISGUSTS me!

Matt Gard, a former customer of Gary’s Chicaros restaurant, said the owner of that restaurant, Gary James, banned him because of his wheelchair. James said that he banned him because “he created an issue,” but Gard claims that’s BS. He said James had a problem with him because he’s on disability.

James does in fact think that some people shouldn’t be at his restaurant: “If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money, there. I don’t deal with these people walking down the street with no jobs on welfare.”

Gard also said James has been turning away customers for decades, and “he doesn’t like certain people of race, color, and ethnicity.”

James has told KFOR that he’s owned that restaurant for 44 years, so he believes he can “spot a freak or f*ggot.”

What is WRONG with this guy? But wait! I have more to tell you. The restaurant has an official t-shirt, and the shirt makes it pretty clear that a “f*ggot” isn’t welcome in the establishment. It not only features that word on the shirt, but it also features the N-word, and threatens violence against Democrats, Muslims, and members of quite a few minority groups.

James says that he’s “proud” to have that shirt because he doesn’t “want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything.”

I hope I’m never anywhere near your restaurant, James!

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