Bi-racial Woman Receives Compensation After Being Fired Claiming ‘She Wasn’t Black Enough’

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Rachel Brothers, a bi-racial woman won a $10,200 compensation after she was fired from the Black Educators Association in 2006. Claiming the reason for her termination was the fact that she ‘wasn’t black enough’.

She was later granted the compensation after a ruling determined that she was indeed discriminated against because of the color of her skin.

You don’t say…

The report states Brothers was singled out by a subordinate at the association, Catherine Collier, who looked down upon her because ‘she was younger than, and not as black, as Ms. Collier thought Ms. Brothers should be.’

Another staff member at the BEA told Brothers she ‘should go work for whitey’.

These folks should be ashamed of themselves, everyone who had a part in this incident. Black, white, yellow or green…thanks to people like this, racism is still alive and well.

When you hear stuff like this it’s almost comical, and eye opening that discrimination like this still exist especially in the work field.

I am not ignorant towards this matter and I’m very aware that racism affects people on a daily basis. But…I’d like to think where I come from it’s a very liberal and open-minded city in New York, and for the most part people get along regardless of race, background, and sexual orientation.

I haven’t experienced much, if any discrimination in my short 23 years of life for the way I look or my ethnicity etc., at least not to my knowledge. So every once in a while when you read up on something like this you can’t help but be taken back by the fact that people could have such a hatred or even a deeper jealousy.


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