Cop Arrested and Charged After Allegedly Asking to Smell a Woman’s Feet

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Officer Patrick Quinn, a policeman in the local Houston area, pulled over a female driver. Quinn reportedly found marijuana paraphernalia in the woman’s car. Usually that means trouble, but luckily or unlucky for the woman Quinn offered her a deal, in which he told her he would let her off in exchange for a sniff of her feet.

Quinn allegedly confessed to the woman that he has a foot fetish. Get this, it isn’t the first time Quinn has asked a female driver for a whiff of her ‘dogs’, some reports indicate that the now suspended officer may have made a similar request to a number of other people. Quinn’s deal didn’t end there, he also offered that if she handed over her panties, the paraphernalia would disappear from his short term memory.

Thankfully, it didn’t have to come down to all that. Quinn let the woman go, without sniffing anything. While the driver got away clean, Quinn’s in deep doodoo. He is charged with two counts of “official oppression,” and is currently out on two thousand dollars bail.

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