Dr. Craig Ziering On Male Pattern Baldness & The African-American FUE Hair Transplant

Dr. Craig Ziering. Photo Credit: Ziering Medical

The Hot Zone had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Craig Ziering, a celebrity hair transplant restoration surgeon and Founder & Medical Director of Ziering Medical. We spoke in depth about Male Pattern Baldness & the African-American hair transplant procedure including the increasingly popular Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method among African-American men who like to wear their hair short. Dr Ziering says Male Pattern Baldness is genetic and it can be inherited from the fathers or mothers side and it can skip generations.  Dr Ziering said MPB is caused from a hormone called DHT, which is a conversion of testosterone. DHT is the bad actor that causes the hair to miniaturize, get smaller, weaker and fall out.  Popular medications like finasteride and Propecia block the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Minoxidil or Rogaine is another popular treatment used to slow down hair loss, maintain or regrow your hair. Dr. Ziering’s office has their own Minoxidil called Z82 for sale that is twice as potent than other brands. There is also a really good natural supplement called Viviscal Professional that provides nutrients to the hair follicles to maximize its growth potential.

Dr. Ziering, is the leading authority in hair transplant surgery, and the team at Ziering Medical are among the very best in the field of hair restoration.  They work with entertainment and sports celebrities, executives and individuals across the country, Dr. Ziering considers himself privileged to be a part of changing people’s lives, personally and professionally. There is no better reward for the Ziering Medical team than to watch individuals regain their confidence as they run their fingers through their new hair.

There are few surgeons with as much experience, expertise, and training as Dr. Ziering performing hair restoration surgery. He has provided world-class hair restoration to those individuals seeking out a true artistic surgeon able to combine the finest in technology and aesthetics to create natural appearing results. Dr Ziering says hair transplant work is the principle of donor dominance as the patients act as the donor and recipient of the hair. Patients, men and women, of all ethnicities from all 50 United States and over 80 countries seeking to enhance their image and restore their confidence and youthful appearance have trusted their care to Dr Ziering. He is uniquely qualified to apply his aesthetic background and skills to African-American male and female patients seeking the most natural hair restorations.

Dr. Ziering specializes in this field, performing many thousands of procedures on men and women from throughout the world. By applying his aesthetic skills with the most advanced techniques, he is able to achieve the most natural appearing results. Whether he is conducting the FUE hair transplant procedure on African-American men or women for hair loss, or repair of prior unesthetic hair work, you can be assured of being treated by a doctor who not only is one of the most experienced in the world, but one who is truly committed to your best interests.

African-American Hair Transplant & The FUE Procedure:

Dr Ziering said African-American men want a natural sharp and crisp squared off hairline and edges. He is very experienced in this specific area and has operated on more African-American patients than any other hair transplant surgeon in the world. He has studied and done this surgery for over 26 years and over 20,000 surgeries. Dr. Ziering has performed hair transplants on many of the African-American celebrities out there today including the majority of hollywood, the music industry, actors and rappers.

African-American Hair Transplant Surgery & Hair Restoration generally requires more surgical skill and experience, this is for a number of reasons. In harvesting the “c” shape of the follicle requires more surgical skill to harvest via FUE as well as dissection during the FUT method. A good appreciation of the ethnic shape of the hairline is also needed to artistically recreate the sharp crisp edges and distinct straight hairlines that most desire.

Placement of the grafts is also more difficult and great patience is required because the specific skin turgor and texture often result in “popping” of the grafts. Patients of African descent also have a great tendency to keloid, therefore this must be taken in to consideration when developing a surgical plan.

Dr Zeiring says It is extremely important to choose a surgeon who is well versed in African-American hair transplants in order for it to look great.  If it is done properly and the surgeon has experience, the results will look amazing and more important, it will look natural. Dr. Ziering has many years of experience doing hair transplants on African-Americans, he has made it his art.  Dr. Ziering said African-American hair transplants can be more challenging, but he said to do your research on surgeons, especially African-Americans in order for a successful hair transplant. The artistry and the science behind the FUE procedure is where the success lies, and this is where Dr. Ziering excels.

African American FUE patient. Photo Credit: Ziering Medical

Dr.  Ziering pointed out many African-Americans with hair loss or thinning edges don’t think that they are good candidates for hair transplant procedures because of the distinctive characteristics of their black hair. This is a long-standing myth Dr. Ziering stated. In fact, the curly character of black hair gives the African-American hair transplant patient a real surgical advantage, because that “curl” creates the appearance of more density,using fewer hair grafts.

With African-American hair transplants, special attention is given to harvesting the donor and dissecting the individual follicular units. Because Keloid scarring is a concern and issue with African-American skin, additional skin testing may be required to assess how well your skin heals.

Dr Ziering has had excellent results achieved with black hair transplants, utilizing either the  FUE procedure, FUT strip method including robotic FUE procedures 

African-American FUE Patient Before & After. Photo Credit: Ziering Medical

African-American Hair Transplant patient, before & after. Photo Credit: Ziering Medical.

 Dr. Craig Ziering & The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

With the ARTAS® System Procedure, Dr. Ziering utilizes advanced digital technology and precision robotics to give African-American patients fuller, healthy looking hair.  He then takes permanent hair from the back of the head and transplants into thinning areas, growing naturally as before. All patients come away with natural looking hair, their own hair that they can wear in any style with confidence. The ARTAS Robot makes it easier to harvest the donor hair speeding up the process and accuracy of the FUE procedure.

If you are an African-American patient or any ethnicity looking to do a FUE hair transplant or strip method procedure and looking for a great hair restoration surgeon, look no further than Dr. Craig L. Ziering. The Hot Zone learned so much from Dr. Ziering about Male Pattern Baldness in general and the African-American FUE transplant procedure. He enjoys his craft and has the knowledge, training and experience to not only satisfy your expectations, but to exceed them! For a consultation with Dr. Ziering who we highly recommend, please call his office to set up your appointment today!

Ziering Medical

Dr. Craig  Ziering

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