Earth’s 15 Year ‘Global Warming Hiatus’

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Norman Loeb, a NASA climate scientist explained that Earth has been experiencing a “global warming hiatus.”

With that being said, the Earth is still heating up, just at slower temperature rate than previous decades.

So the global warming thing could be a myth after all huh? Not so fast.

In a NASA press release they had this to say.

“Opinions vary about the hiatus, as some view it as evidence that man-made global warming is a myth.”

“Others explain that it is simply due to climate variability that is temporarily masking a longer-term temperature trend.”

Either scenario is possible based on the last 15 years of the “hiatus.”

Loeb stated that changes in solar radiation water vapors and aerosol particles in the air have likely played a role.

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