Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Supporter Is No Other Than Donald Chump

Credit: tessroo/morguefile.com

Credit: tessroo/morguefile.com

This 2016 Presidential race is the most hilarious and comical race that I have ever witnessed in my life. You have two candidates in Hillary Clinton and Donald Chump, sorry meant Trump, that are both less than inspiring to say the least. After the Republican and Democratic National Convention, it was clear to see which candidate was going to win their seat in the oval office come January 20th 2017. However, in this presidential race it won’t be so much about who actually won, but more so who flat-out lost it by actually supporting the other candidate to victory.

I mean it is clear as day that Donald Trump does not want to be our next President of The United States by all the asinine things that come out of his mouth. Just this week he claimed President Obama is the founder of ISIS and Hillary Clinton is the co-founder, of course later stating that “he was being sarcastic, but honestly not being that sarcastic”. We all know, well some of us anyway, that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a shadowy Iraqi cleric who President Obama is doing everything in his power to kill is the founder of ISIS. I guess everyone knows this except Donald Chump, smh.

With this ridiculous statement made by Trump and a slew of other ridiculous statements and comments in the past against mexicans, illegal immigrants, handicaps, african americans, violence towards other human beings etc, he’s definitely Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporter. Hillary Clinton may not be very likeable or be the best presidential candidate we have ever seen, but in comparison to the Chump, she’s the next best thing since sliced bread. Hillary needs to thank her lucky stars Trump won the Republican nomination (still have no clue how he pulled that off) because this ensured her second stint back in the White House.

Hillary Clinton is currently leading in the polls and has opened up commanding leads over Donald Trump in several critical battleground states, including North Carolina and Colorado, according to a new poll Friday. Hillary, please send Donald Chump a fruit basket and thank him from the bottom of your heart for being your biggest supporter by making this presidential election the easiest landslide since….well since ever.

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