Is It About You Or Is It About Them? A Neutral Response



When Caitlyn Jenner announced her transformation, some people were indifferent, others perceived her as a brave woman and the rest called her a sick delusional person.

Matt Walsh is a blogger who describes himself as a “professional truth sayer.” In his article, “Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man,” Walsh aggressively attacks Caitlyn’s decision to undergo a change in her gender.

“That last one isn’t to describe him, but to describe the simpering suck ups yelling for him to jump while he stands on the metaphorical ledge, threatening to hurt himself in ways he’ll never be able to undo. These people saluting Jenner for trying to become a woman are really no different than lunatics congratulating an emaciated anorexic for imagining she’s 300 pounds overweight. Both harbor harmful, destructive, and inaccurate perceptions about themselves, and both need help changing their perceptions, not their bodies.”

Walsh also states that the praise that Jenner received is yet another way our society is moving towards “modern progressivism.” To him, liberality is reconstituting what it means to be a man or woman, and it is doing it with little to no difficulty.

But is that true? Are the “delusional” minorities of our society really receiving an “overwhelming” amount of success without any trouble?

Walsh neglects the fact that it much more complicated than a label. Redefining our identity is not as easy as labeling ourselves as male or female. It is a much more complex process of psychology and physiology that is beyond those who do not suffer from confusion.

Walsh also writes, “It never occurs to these exceedingly “tolerant” do-gooders that transgenders are killing themselves, abusing drugs, and carving their bodies into pieces because they are unhappy. They are unhappy before surgery, and often even less happy afterwards. They are self-loathing. They are desperate. The last thing — the absolute last thing — they need is to be told they should embrace their mental illness and believe whatever lies it tells them about themselves.”

Well, isn’t it possible that they are unhappy because people like him are constantly throwing ill-intended comments at them?

It is not about Walsh, or you, or even myself. It is about those who are undergoing these changes. If we willingly bring them down, they will be self-destructive, and if we encourage them, others will label us as “do-gooders,” so why don’t we just let them be, and give them the right to do as they please. And never forget that if we are on our way to world peace, then maybe we can implement this simple idea into our modern society: to each his own.

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