It’s A Plane! It’s A Bomb! It’s A…Time Capsule?

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The AP headline says it best: “Device thought to be WWII-era bomb is actually a time capsule.”

Construction workers Wednesday uncovered what was first thought to be a bomb from circa World War II. This caused some in the city to panic; but, the NYPD quickly assured everyone that the device didn’t appear dangerous.

It has now been revealed that instead of an actual bomb that somehow ended up buried beneath the streets of a country where no front-line fighting actually occurred during the Second World War, it’s a time capsule. John Argento used to own a club called Danceteria that was particularly fashionable in the ‘80s. The club was featured in Desperately Seeking Susan, where Madonna can be seen dancing; the pop singer also sang there in real life, with some stating the club helped launch her career. Other notable acts who performed at Danceteria were Billy Idol and Duran Duran.

The club closed its doors in 1986 and that was perhaps the inspiration for the time capsule, which was buried in 1985 according to Argento.

“It was just an excuse to do a party,” he told AP; “We forgot about it and went on to the next party.”

He stated that he bought the time capsule for $200 from a Canal Street Army Navy surplus store. It was filled by clubgoers and bartenders. 

Argento currently runs two clubs in New Jersey and claims he doesn’t remember what they put in the capsule but spoke nostalgically of the time when it was buried. “The city was exciting then.”

He hopes to get the capsule back so he can go through it. NYPD stated that he could claim the non-bomb once they’ve thoroughly checked it out. Now we wait to find out if any priceless Madonna memorabilia or ‘80s clubbing paraphernalia will turn up. Hopefully there’s nothing in there Argento wouldn’t want police to see; if there is, hopefully the statute of limitations has long since passed.

If you were living in 1985 NYC, what would you want to bury in hopes of exhuming it 30 years later? No, there’s no Back to the Future catch where you can take a sports almanac back and make yourself a millionaire; our country is already enough of a dystopian landscape as it is.

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