It’s Time for Everyone to NOT Hate Chris Rock because he’s about to confront the Oscar’s diversity issue once and for all

 Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/THZ Library

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/THZ Library

Is it time to say Chris Rocks? Some of Hollywood’s most well known actors are rejoicing because Chris Rock is about to revamp his whole monologue to fit the current critical Academy Awards fiasco. He has renamed the ‘Oscars’ to the ‘White BET Awards.’

Stars like, John Legend, Spike Lee, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Viola Davis and Clint Eastwood have already spoken out to the public, regarding this issue. Spike Lee said he would not be in attendance because he would rather be watching the Knicks game court side.

Actress, Charlotte Rampling, one of the nominees for the Academy Awards this year stated that the black director, Spike Lee is actually the racist, but against white people. Is that even a thing?

Rampling goes onto say that black actors were not deserving of making the final cut for this year’s nominees. Ouch! But, she didn’t stop there. Rampling released a statement that the core problem with the 2016 Oscar nominees is, wait for it, ‘anti-white racism.’

Was there a movement that we all seemed to miss called ‘anti-white racism?’

But, in any case, all we can do is just sit tight and wait for Chris Rock to work his magic. Hopefully, he has a chance to ask Rampling if she ever experienced any ‘anti-white racism.’

The Oscars air on Feb 28 on ABC at 7 PM.



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