Kim Kardashian and Sisters Kendall and Kylie Recieve Some Heat for ‘Texting’

Kim Kardashian: Photo Credit: THZ

Kim Kardashian: Photo Credit: THZ

Last night at MTV’s VMA show, Kim and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie were shown to what appeared to be ‘texting’ during a moment of silence in honor of slain African-American teenager Michael Brown,

The Twitterverse didn’t take to kindly to that, sparking a rash of tweets directed towards Kim and the Jenner sister’s.

One tweet from Mieke Olva Vlok: ‘Let’s not pretend we’re shocked the Kardashian girls were texting during a moment of silence for Ferguson at the VMAs.’

The rest of the crowd was respectful and bowed their heads offering silence. Snoop Dogg bowed, and gave a peace sign. Just as the camera panned over, we see the three sisters appearing to be bored and disinterested.

A rep for Kim Kardashian denied she was texting but also didn’t offer an explanation for the footage of them on their cellphones. Go figure…

Michael Brown was laid to rest today, as his father has called for a ‘day of silence’ and that all protesting and riots cease, allowing the family to mourn.

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