Komnata Quest Escape Room

Komnata Quest NYC. Photo Credit: Komnata Quest NYC

If you are looking for a fun, exciting, thrilling and scary Escape Room to visit in Brooklyn New York, then look no further than Komnata Quest Escape Room! The goal is to get outside and escape the rooms before the time is up. The main goal, however, is to solve the mystery of KOMNATA. For this, you will need to solve puzzles, check caches and crypts, use available objects, and trust your intuition.

The Hot Zone had the pleasure of  visiting Komnata Quest recently for a day of  adventure, thrills and horror….what a memorable experience. As soon as we walked in, the staff greeted us with an eerie smile as a hint of horror was in the air. I must say as we were signing up, it felt good to feel like we were signing our lives away. Seriously, you feel scared the minute you walk in and that feeling won’t go away until you escape your room of choice

Impossible Murder Mystery. Photo Credit: Komnata Quest

Bloody Bathroom Murder Scene. Impossible Murder Mystery. Photo Credit: Komnata Quest

Our first escape room was The Impossible Murder Mystery which was amazing, scary and exciting all at once.  The story behind this escape room is Math Professor Felix Goban has been arrested and locked in solitary confinement for the murder of 7 of the most well-known minds in the academic world. Since Felix has been locked up, there have been 2 more murders matching his style. How is this possible? Well that is exactly what our team of investigators had to solve as we  entered into the mind of this psycho killer. We were challenged mentally to solve the mystery of who was committing the murders and who the next victim was. We love to watch murder shows like Dateline and 48 Hours so we were up to the challenge.  We had to watch our back,  because we never knew what secrets were hidden in the maniac’s room. This escape room was scary as hell and is bound to have you screaming as you try and escape.

City of Ashes. Photo Credit: Komnata Quest

The second escape room we entered was called The City of Ashes.  This room’s population is none. However, you will be more than welcome there.  Adrienne screamed her head off as she was blind folded and put in a wheel chair and wheeled into the room first. I was bought in second blind folded as well and placed on a bed that had only it’s box spring….no box, just spring. As instructed, we removed our blind folds to find ourselves in a very eerie room. As we move forward in the room we melted in the fog as sounds of scratching wheels and metal rattling was heard with a burnt odor scent in the air. Anxiety and shudder overcame us as we heard a siren screams.  We were locked in the City of Ashes!! This room was so much fun as we really had to put on our thinking caps to escape in time….but we did it!

The Hot Zone had a fantastic time here, it was so much fun we can’t wait to go back to experience their other escape room adventures. These two escape rooms, The Impossible Murder Mystery & The City of Ashes were both scary and just two of the many escape rooms at Komnata Quest NYC that everyone needs to try.They really challenged our mind while making our heart skip a few beats in the process. Other escape rooms they have are Mousetrap, The Robbery that Changed the World,Maze of Hakaina, Limitless, St. Angelo’s Castle, Doctor Frankenstein, 7 Sinful Pleasures, Suicide Hotel & more. All the escape rooms are an adventure that you must experience for yourself. Don’t take it from us, book your reservation to experience it yourself today, just be prepared for a thrill of your life.

Komnata Quest Escape Room

Address: 52 Kent Streeet, Basement

Brooklyn NY 11222

Phone: 347-551-4808

Website: komnataquest.com

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