Michael Kors Sheds Fresh Light

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Photo Credit: Flikr user, Sabrina B

Well-known American designer, Michael Kors, presented his spring collection today at coincidental location, Spring Studios in Soho. Pieces had a wide range of ready-to-wear appeal complimenting the New York woman’s empowering femininity.

Light and airy vibes fluttered to mind while these sophisticated floral prints danced alongside rich blue denim creating flattering anthology between designs. Cohesion wasn’t an issue, for Kors took a bohemian vibe and elevated his looks into romantic classic silhouettes that correlated into a professional and stylish modern woman.

After recently launching his cosmetic line including nail polish to fragrance and everything in between, this designer has made an exhilarating comeback since leaving Lifetime show, Project Runway. About five years ago Kors’ line of watches and handbags went into mass production, making it incredibly difficult for myself as a consumer to continue my obsession. The hipster inside of me was screaming, “but I liked it before it was cool!”

Each garment that took stage today was wearable for everyday fashion and had voluminous construction. Michael Kors has caught my eye once more with his ability to be versatile, innovative and an overall woman pleaser. Following his presentation earlier I can honestly say I’m a raving fan yet again and anticipate the arrival of spring season.

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